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Jaz is a third-generation British-Jamaican writer based in Birmingham, UK. Self-diagnosed as neurodivergent (ND), she prefers writing over talking, and addresses faith, Diaspora, speculative Blackness, and 'aftermaths'. Whether screenplays, artistic responses, or essays, storytelling is at the heart of what she does.

Till It's Done: Heterotopias & Pocket Universes

June 2023. Publication text. Commissioned by SLUICE under theme 'Specificity'.

Practice as Rehearsals of Speculative Futures

June 2023. Exhibition text for Disagreements as Domains of Nausea and Elation, curated by Nimco Kulmiye Hussein at The Austrian Cultural Forum (London).

Amartey Golding's 'Chainmail 3': A Sanctuary for Self-Actualisation

April 2023. Exhibition text for Amartey Golding's In the Comfort of Embers. Commissioned by The Power Plant Gallery (Toronto).

The Umpteenth Existential Crisis 

(Formerly A Cleaner's Lament)

19 September 2022. Performed at Digbeth Art Space for Grace Ndiritu's 'Grief: A Love Letter' (All About Love), curated by Zarina Rossheart, April 2023. Commissioned by BUILDHOLLYWOOD.


2022. Screenplay. Commissioned by the Stephen Lawrence Research Centre (De Montfort University). First showcased at the Creating Joy Film Festival, April 2022.

Get a Life

2022. Song. Commissioned in response to Keith Piper's 'Jet Black Futures' exhibition at The New Art Gallery Walsall. First performed with Cellist Millicent James & The Word Life Corral, April 2022.

In Loving Memory of Errol

2021-22. Publication. Commissioned in response to Keith Piper's 'A Ship Called Jesus' exhibition at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham. 


2021. Song. Commissioned in response to Keith Piper's 'A Ship Called Jesus' exhibition at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham. First Performed with Cellist Millicent James, The Word Life Corral & Ikon Youth Programme, August 2021.


2021. Monologue. Just An Illusion.


2021. Poem. Commissioned in response to the theme of 'a liberated future' by MAIA for The Spatial Imagination symposium, January 2021.


2020. Monologue. SLAMinutes.

Reflecting on 'Atlantics'

2019. Essay. Black Ballad.


2018. Screenplay.


2018. Screenplay. BRMTWN.


2018. Duologue. Deadman Theatre.

BrOtherhood x Gender

2018. Essay.

The Office x Microaggressions

2017. Essay.

Insecure x HBO

2017. Essay.

Attack the Block x White Gaze

2017. Essay.

Reservoir Dogs x White Masculinity

2016. Essay.


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