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An unprepared but hopeful Traveller has ventured beyond the threshold of her home in search of opportunity. The world she has found herself in is not what she expected. Something seems to await her. The walls boast, and intimidate her with its spoils. Hallways provide few answers, if any. But the Traveller knows she is not alone, especially once she finds one of her own there, buried just beneath the surface. 'EARTHSTRONG' is a homage to the restorative power of community, told through the aesthetic of a black-and-white, silent film. It is through community that we are able to find understanding, acceptance, care, catharsis, rest, and of course, joy. Accompanied by an arrangement of Multi-Instrumentalist & 2021 Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Composition Prize award winner Millicent James' 'Torn' (2020, Moyo, Vol. 1).


Starring Vanessa Dixon & Grace Morrison

Director & Writer: Jaz Morrison

Cinematographer: Fábio "Calungz" Calundungo

Gaffer: Loretta Price

Production Manager: Nathan Morrison

Production Assistant: Patricia Gutzmore

Set Assistants: Shivani Mathyalagan & Joshua Morrison

Composer: Millicent James

On Site Support: Isaiah Eymobe & Zachary Akeem.


Music: From 'Torn' (2020), Written by Millicent James. Performed by Millicent B James, and accompanied by Asha Parkinson, Michael Rose, Tom Poutney-Barnes, David Sear, Matt Hollick & Jonno Gaze. From Moyo, Vol 1 (2020). Courtesy of Millicent B James.


Part of 'Creating Joy Film Festival & Roundtable: Art, Refusal and the Worlding of Black Lives', bringing together Black Artists and Filmmakers from across the Diaspora to discuss the power of art to create joy:'Through a series of six film shorts, they will radically intervene in and disrupt the pervasive anti-Blackness of contemporary visual culture. Celebrated US filmmaker, Chris Ivey, who leads this talented team of creatives and visual artists, will also showcase excerpts of his provocative, new work on the Grenfell Fire.'


A special thanks to The Antipode Foundation, Stephen Lawrence Research Centre, Dr Lisa Palmer (De Montfort University), Chris Ivey, Dr Agostinho Pinnock (Loughborough University), Word Life Centre (Birmingham, UK), BRMTWN CO, & Media Dog Birmingham.

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