About Jaz

Jaz is a writer and visual artist, exploring history and social space. She loves sustainable creative expression, Afrofuturism, and storytelling. For her, it's all about sense- and memory-making.

She has worked on projects with a wide range of companies and collectives. Jaz has been able to take up roles in every phase of production.

Jaz is hardworking, driven, and a ferocious multi-tasker.

And she thinks she's funny.


Stockland Green Academy (2009 - 2014)

- 11 A*-C, including English, Drama, History, and Music

Birmingham Metropolitan (2014 - 2016)

- Distinction* in Creative Media Production

- 3 A-C, in English Literature, History and Psychology

Birmingham City University (2016 - 2019)

- First Class Honours in BA Media & Communication

Birmingham School of Art (2019 - 2020)

- Distinction in Fine Art


Phoebe Boswell | Lina Iris Viktor |  Steve McQueen | bell hooks | Erwan Bacha | Pierre Santos | Eddie Chambers | Barry Jenkins | Ibrahem Hasan | Selina Sagnia | Mati Diop | Kamil Mahmood | Hayv Kahraman | Faith Natocho | Denisse Perez | Octavia Butler | Stella Meghie | Che Lingo | Mike Jones  

Naled Modupi | George Clinton | Anna Wise | Vanley Burke

Awards & Recognition


UpRising | Modest Leader Award


Heritage Lottery Fund | Routes 2 Roots Outstanding Award: Young Co-Creator

High Sheriff Awards (West Midlands) | 'Young Person who has contributed to our Region's Cultural and Creative Heritage'


WLAA | Innovation Community Award



'ROUTES 2 ROOTS' - CREATIVE DIRECTOR | 18 month youth-engagement campaign with Heritage Lottery Fund. Designed to encourage young people to engage with heritage and apply for the newly-established 'Young Roots' Grant.


STAND UP TO RACISM - PHOTOGRAPHER | Anti-racism and anti-xenophobia protest in Birmingham (UK) City Centre. Organised by Stand Up to Racism. Protesting against President Trump's #MuslimBan, and Prime Minister Theresa May's support of it.

'#TURNUP' - CAMPAIGN ASSISTANT | Social media campaign with Bite the Ballot, designed to encourage young people to #TurnUp and vote in the General Election.

CULTURE CATWALK - EVENT PRODUCER | A two-day event featuring talent from the West Midlands. Part of Birmingham Weekender, with Culture Central.


'magsman' - SCREENWRITER | A police officer interrogates two dubious storytellers.

'LIKKLE' - ARTIST | A collection of six images, all individual responses to various events and themes of identity.


'TALLAWAH' - ARTIST | A collection of seven images, all individual responses to various events and themes of identity.

REFLECTING ON 'ATLANTICS' - WRITER | An article addressing the use of water and the supernatural in Mati Diop's 'Atlantics' (2019). Written for Black Ballad.

'THE RIGHT TO OPACITY' - ARTIST | A collection of seven images, all in response to Foucault's 'Heterotopia' as a 'safe space' for the deviants who exist there.


'CEILINGS' - ARTIST | A collection of four images, acting as frames that depict the act of resistance. Also includes an art catalogue for context and reflection.

MA INTER-INSTITUTIONAL SYMPOSIUM - SPEAKER | Shared research on the 1981 Handsworth Riots and Black Midlands-based Art. A day-long event that acted as a forum to share research and artwork. Led by University of Leeds, with Birmingham City University, Anglia Ruskin University, and Nottingham Trent University.

ONE/SIX/TWENTY - WRITER | A musical response to how COVID-19 and police brutality has been weaponised against the disenfranchised and marginalised.

'KEEP KEEPING' FUND - ARTIST | A recipient of MAIA's artists' bursary. Designed to support the self-directed development of Midlands-based artists, musicians, creative producers, curators, and designers. May - July 2020.

PEEP@STRYX - ARTIST | A six-day online artist residency with Stryx Gallery. Sharing my research, art, and hosting discussions on community via Instagram Live, and producing art collection 'Magsman'. 29th June - 3rd July.

SUPPORT BLACK CREATIVES - PHOTOGRAPHER| 'Existentialism' (2018) featured in The Black Book's online marketing campaign. July 2020.

EMANCIPATION, I GUESS - ARTIST | A collection of images, addressing the Fourth Estate's (journalism, the press) role in Othering the marginalised and disenfranchised. Photographs 'Wallpaper' and 'Wallflower' act as a call for community organisation.

'ARTISTS RESPONDING TO' LAUNCH ISSUE - ARTIST | 'To Heaven III' from 'CEILINGS' (2020) featured in the first issue of 'ArtistsRespondingTo...'. August 2020. An online version is available via

TBB SPOTLIGHT- PHOTOGRAPHER | Featured on The Black Book (UK) Instagram page, to raise awareness for 'new talent'. October 2020.

PROJECT GRIME - ORGANISER | A 3-week clean-up project in the Newtown (North Birmingham) area. Supported by Word Life Centre, and funded by Beatfreeks (#FUELFunding) and Simple Intelligent Parking. October - November 2020.

UNHEARD - ARTIST | 'To Heaven III' from 'CEILINGS' (2020) in virtual exhibition 'Unheard' - a celebration of overlooked Black and Jewish artists. A UK Isn't Innocent and Jewish Liberal collaboration. November 2020.

AURA GALLERY - ARTIST | A featured artist on the 19th November. Interviewed about how womanhood informs art, and had works from 'Magsman', 'How can a god be Ungodly?', and 'To Die is Gain'. Available via Instagram.

'POSTCARD PROJECT' - ARTIST | Artists from all over the United Kingdom responding to, or reflecting on 2020 using postcard. '2%' specifically, was inspired by Chaos Theory. 'What the 98% often fails to comprehend, the 2% have always intimately known.' November - December 2020.


'FLY OR DIE' - CREW | A short, adapting the Ancient Greek story of Icarus to a modern context. Directed by Fabio Calundungo. Released 14th January.

'OUR GARGOYLES LIVE UNDERWATER' - ARTIST | Exploring themes of resistance and legacy through aesthetics surrounding water and statues.

THE SPATIAL IMAGINATION - WRITER | A two-day virtual conference. Performing in response to a prompt. A MAIA event. 29th & 30th January.