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jaz morrison

Jaz is a writer and multidisciplinary (but mainly visual) artist, exploring themes of history, social space, sustainability, and Afrofuturism. Her practice employs performance, filmmaking, collage, and storytelling. For Jaz, it's all about sense- and memory-making.



Phoebe Boswell | Lina Iris Viktor |  Keith Piper |

Barry Jenkins | Mati Diop | Denisse Perez | Life of a Craphead | George Clinton | Vanley Burke | Michael Jones | Benjamin Zephaniah | Youngsook Choi | Rajni Perera | Octavia Butler | Selina Sagnia | Pierre Santos | Kamil Mahmood | Dee Rees | Sampira | Roo Dhissou | Erwan Bacha | Hayv Kahraman | B4g Lord

Caribbean Pop-Up Cinema


Awards & spotlight



Innovation Community Award

The black book 

Campaign & Spotlight


Heritage Lottery Fund
Routes 2 Roots Outstanding Award: Young Co-Creator

High Sheriff Awards
'Young Person who has contributed to our Region's Cultural and Creative Heritage'


Modest Leader Award

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Community Micro-Film Festival, community film night (2022)

special thanks to Eastside Projects, Film Birmingham, Mockingbird Cinema; filmmakers Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi, Fabio Calundungo, Gugan Gill, Canaan Brown, Brandon Orgill; and panellists Vik Chandla, Courtenay Welcome, Hasan Khan, and Lexia Tomlinson

Billboard Project, art engagement project (2022)

special thanks to Grand Plan & Word Life Centre

UNIT*, Black neurodivergence conference (2021)

special thanks to Dead Horse PR & Black Autistics

'Happy Fathers Day', promo video (2021)

special thanks to Shea Butter by Be

Project Grime, promo video (2020)

special thanks to SIP, Word Life Centre & BRMTWN

Ode to Grime, promo video (2019)

special thanks to The Grime Archive & Dead Horse PR

Transatlantic Dialogues, diasporic music & academia convergence (2019)

special thanks to BRMTWN, Dead Horse PR, Dr Joy White & Professor Emeritus Carolyn Cooper

Stand up to Racism, event/street photography (2017)

#TurnUp, voting campaign (2017)

special thanks to Bite the Ballot

Routes 2 Roots (2015 - 2016)

special thanks to Heritage Lottery Fund & Beatfreeks



MOTHERSHIP, performance (2022)

special thanks to Ikon Gallery, The New Art Gallery Walsall, and Keith Piper

OFFSITE 9: The British Art Show (2022)

special thanks to Creative Black Country & Asylum Art Gallery

Creating Joy Project (2021-22)

special thanks to Stephen Lawrence Research Centre & The Antipode Foundation

Ikon Slow Boat Symposium (2022)

special thanks to Ikon Gallery & Ikon Youth Programme

Ikon Migrant Festival (2021)

special thanks to Ikon Gallery & the Freelands Foundation

MAIA: The Spatial Imagination (2021)

special thanks to MAIA and Auden Allen

MA Inter-Institutional Symposium (2020)

special thanks to Birmingham School of Art

MAIA: Keep Keeping Fund (2020)



'A4' (2021-22) Group Exhibition

special thanks to Oddball Space & Jacob Carter

Black Sands: A History of Black Horror (2021Group Exhibition

special thanks to Sampira & Asylum Art Gallery

Postcard Project (2020) Group Exhibition

special thanks to Artists Responding To...

Unheard (2020Group Exhibition

special thanks to UKII & Jewish Liberal

PEEP@STRYX (2020Residency

special thanks to Stryx Gallery & Edward Wakefield


The Pocket of God (2022–) with Eastside Projects

Community Micro-Film Festival (2022) with Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi, Eastside Projects & Film Birmingham

Billboard Project (2022) with Grand Plan & Word Life Centre

In Loving Memory of Errol (2021-22) with Ikon Gallery

Mono-Log Sessions (2018-20) with BRMTWN

Culture Catwalk (2017) with Culture Central


'Traveller' (2022) Rajni Perera

'The Courtship of Giants' (2022) Emii Alrai

'EARTHSTRONG' (2021-22Jaz Morrison

'Fly or Die' (2021Fabio Calundungo