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Jaz stands in front of a cinema screen, holding a microphone. She is wearing glasses, a bucket hat, and headphones. As she gives the event's introductory speech, her scrunchie-wrapped wrist gestures wildly, blurring her hand.

jaz morrison

Jaz is a writer, multidisciplinary artist, & curator, employing the Afro-Speculative to explore history, social space, community, and storytelling. 


Utilising performance, photography, moving image, collage, & social practice, Jaz intends to bring people together for the purpose of care, catharsis & understanding. 


Though her work is often contemplative, she enjoys embracing irreverence and farce too. For Jaz, it's all part of the journey to sense– and memory–making.





Fundraiser Community Award



Innovation Community Award

The black book 

Campaign & Spotlight


Heritage Lottery Fund
Routes 2 Roots Outstanding Award: Young Co-Creator

High Sheriff Awards
'Young Person who has contributed to our Region's Cultural and Creative Heritage'

Jaz crouches in front of four giant, incomplete styrofoam sculptures. This was from Emii Alrai's exhibition at Eastside Projects in 2022.
Jaz Morrison stands outside a billboard on Digbeth High Street. Displayed are three of Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi's posters from her 'The Name Game' project, all commenting on the implications of Birmingham hosting the formerly coined 'Commonwealth Games' in contemporary times.
A script read-through, around two long tables pushed together. Jaz faces away from the camera, reading from a laptop in front of her, and listening as various actors read from their paper screenplays.
Jaz Morrison stands in front of a billboard covered in art work she curated for the In Loving Memory of Ronnie project. She offers the camera a huge smile, spreading her arms out to emphasise the size of the billboard.


Community Micro-Film Festival, community film night (2022)

special thanks to Eastside Projects, Film Birmingham, Mockingbird Cinema; BRMTWN; filmmakers Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi, Fabio Calundungo, Gugan Gill, Canaan Brown, Brandon Orgill; and panellists Vik Chandla, Courtenay Welcome, Hasan Khan, and Lexia Tomlinson

* Part of Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi's 'Equations of a Body at Rest',

  Best Public Art of 2022 Artsy List & UAP Public Art Highlights 2022

In Loving Memory of Ronnie, art engagement project (2022)

special thanks to Grand Plan & Word Life Centre
Read more about In Loving Memory of Ronnie

UNIT*, Black neurodivergence conference (2021)

special thanks to Dead Horse PR, Black Autistics, MKH & BRMTWN

'Happy Fathers Day', promo video (2021)

special thanks to Shea Butter by Be

Project Grime, promo video (2020)

special thanks to SIP, Word Life Centre & BRMTWN

Ode to Grime, promo video (2019)

special thanks to The Grime Archive & Dead Horse PR

Transatlantic Dialogues, diasporic music & academia convergence (2019)

special thanks to BRMTWN, Dead Horse PR, Dr Joy White & Professor Emeritus Carolyn Cooper

#TurnUp, voting campaign (2017)

special thanks to Bite the Ballot

Routes 2 Roots (2015 - 2016)

special thanks to Heritage Lottery Fund & Beatfreeks


Usi's Eye, micro-residency commission (2023)

special thanks to Stryx Gallery & Marcin Sz

MOTHERSHIP, performance (2022)

special thanks to Ikon Gallery, The New Art Gallery Walsall, and Keith Piper

OFFSITE 9: The British Art Show (2022)

special thanks to Creative Black Country & Asylum Art Gallery

Creating Joy Project (2021-22)

special thanks to Stephen Lawrence Research Centre & The Antipode Foundation

Ikon Slow Boat Symposium (2022)

special thanks to Ikon Gallery & Ikon Youth Programme

Ikon Migrant Festival (2021)

special thanks to Ikon Gallery & the Freelands Foundation

MAIA: The Spatial Imagination (2021)

special thanks to MAIA and Auden Allen

MA Inter-Institutional Symposium (2020)

special thanks to Birmingham School of Art

MAIA: Keep Keeping Fund (2020)



'Summer Camp' (2022, 2023) Members Show

special thanks to Eastside Projects 

'A4' (2021-22) Group Exhibition

special thanks to Oddball Space & Jacob Carter

Black Sands: A History of Black Horror (2021Group Exhibition

special thanks to Sampira & Asylum Art Gallery

Postcard Project (2020) Group Exhibition

special thanks to Artists Responding To...

Unheard (2020Group Exhibition

special thanks to UKII & Jewish Liberal

PEEP@STRYX (2020Residency

special thanks to Stryx Gallery & Edward Wakefield


GOD-POCKET (2023) with Yusuf Dongo, Trixiebella Suen, Tesha Murrain–Hernandez, Neoliberalizard, Nicola Singh, and Eastside Projects.

'Liminal People': Guided Meditation & Film Night (2023) with Tesha Murrain-Hernandez, Tanazia Gabriel-Fleary, De'Anne Crooks, Amartey Golding, and David Blandy & Larry Achiampong

In Loving Memory of Ronnie: Billboard Project (2023)
with Ethan Fenton, Laura Chiswa, Luke Johnson, Grace Morrison, and Zac Akeem. Thanks to orgs Grand Plan & Word Life Centre

Community Micro-Film Festival (2022) with Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi, Eastside Projects, Civic Square & Film Birmingham

In Loving Memory of Errol (2021-22) with Ikon Gallery & BRMTWN

Mono-Log Sessions (2018-20) with BRMTWN

Culture Catwalk (2017) with Culture Central


'Traveller' (2022) Rajni Perera

'The Courtship of Giants' (2022) Emii Alrai

'EARTHSTRONG' (2021-22Jaz Morrison

'Fly or Die' (2021Fabio Calundungo

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