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Jaz Morrison

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Talking Birds' Nestival of Ideas, May 2024

Episode 6 of Nestival of Ideas features a brilliant panel of former Nest Residents including Sam Holley-Horseman, Sym Mendez and Jaz Morrison, and was chaired by Janet Vaughan, Co-Artistic Director of Talking Birds.

This panel discussion explored the notion of Rest as Resistance, but also considered the complexity of choice (and who has it) in relation to rest. How might we start to collectively shape structures to support rest with purpose and connection?

Read Jaz's reflection on 'Rest'


Introducing The Arkhe: MAIA Associate Artist Lab

"MAIA has been collaborating and conspiring with artist - curator - researcher Jaz Morrison, as our current associate artist."

"Jaz has been in the process of exploring culture building for Black British folx, that makes space for ancestral wisdoms, community care and honouring states of liminality."


"What could life - affirming Black British culture look like as a reclamation and ongoing exploration? What skills, principles and ancestral wisdoms could we take with us onto the Arkhe?"

A black poster with white spattering. In the centre is a silhouette of a tent with a barely-visible crucifix on top. Text says: You are invited into the GOD-POCKET, featuring artists Tesha Murrain, Trixiebella Suen, Yusuf Dongo, and Neoliberalizard. At Eastside Projects from 1 June – 15 July 2023. 'A pocket universe where otherness learns to become morphological.'


"You are invited into the GOD-POCKET, an Afrospeculative ‘firmament’ situated between time and space. It is a crossroads between the seen past and unseen future; a pocket universe where Otherness learns to become morphological.

"[Various] Afro-Diasporic musings have highlighted a need to create and hijack ‘liminal spaces’ within the public sphere for social practice."

Jaz .jpeg

Grief: A Love Letter

(All About Love)

"Grief: A Love Letter is part of BUILDHOLLYWOOD's first major curatorial and artist commission All About Love, taking over large-format billboards across Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester between April – September."

On Saturday 29 April 2023, Ndiritu hosted a performative event at Digbeth Art Space, reading on Grief and Love with artists and writers, from or based in Birmingham, including Jaz Morrison.

The second gallery is small, with a grey floor and walls. Tesha Murrain, dressed in a pink suit and white hat, sits with her cane beside her, facing everyone. Above her, projected onto the wall is a green mandala. Facing her are various attendees, sat on a mixture of chairs and beanbags.

Liminal People: Guided Meditation & Film Night

"The films draw upon the musings and anxieties present within the Black British Diaspora – refuge from systemic violence; the tangibility of ‘Black Britishness’; a lack of tools to work through trauma; and the other cultural-social implications of a postcolonial aftermath."

A precursory event, curated by Jaz Morrison.

Jaz Morrison stands outside a billboard on Digbeth High Street. Displayed are three of Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi's posters from her 'The Name Game' project.

'Equations for a Body at Rest': Artsy, Best Public Art of 2022

In 2022, Jaz worked on the offsite curation team for Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi's 'Equations for a Body at Rest', assisting with community engagement, and organising a micro-screening festival that positioned Thenjiwe's film alongside local filmmakers including Yonatan Tiruneh.


Project information:

A still from EARTHSTRONG, a film made in 2022 by Jaz Morrison


Creating Joy Film Festival & Roundtable

"The ‘Creating Joy Film Festival & Roundtable‘ is designed to prove a needed space for Black Diasporic filmmakers and artists to unsettle dominant representations of Blackness in visual culture. [...]

Jaz Morrison (director and writer) and Fábio Calundungo (cinematographer) will be showcasing their experimental film ‘EARTHSTRONG’, a homage to the restorative power of community, told through the aesthetic of a black-and-white, silent film."

A red background with a black square border. White text in the middle says 'Creating Joy'.

Creating Joy:

Stephen Lawrence Research Centre

"'Creating Joy: Art, Refusal and the Worlding of Black Lives’ is a radical, digital space that explores Black diasporic life through artmaking. 


"[...] the project explores the creation of spaces of care that normalise Black practices of refusal (Brand, 2020)."

Image of Horse sculpture in Wolverhampton. The rider of the horse has a traffic cone covering its face

OFFSITE9: The British Art Show 2022

"4 female photographers explore navigating regional reparative histories when we document culture. [...]

"It's important if we are serious about how we imagine more successful futures together that we start first with creating opportunities for agency with our creatives, and trust that their experiences and histories don't need institutional interpretation."

An image of Jaz Morrison staring blankly at the camera. In a text box beside her it says, 'Artist Provocation: Jaz Morrison and Mr Auden Allen share their responses to 'In a Liberated Future, I Imagine...'

The Spatial Imagination

MAIA's The Spatial Imagination (29th – 30th January 2021), involved 28 artists and speakers, and over 360 attendees from 9 different countries.


Jaz explored the theme 'In a Liberated Future, I Imagine...' in conversation with Auden Allen.

az holds up a Instagram Selfie Frame with Switch Radio's branding on. She smiles awkwardly.

Switch Radio, 2019

Switch Radio Host Ashlee Elizabeth-Lolo interviews Jaz Morrison about BRMTWN and the work they've been doing.

Switch Radio is a community radio station, broadcasting from the North East Birmingham region. For more, visit

A screenshot of Jaz Morrison on Instagram Live for Stryx Gallery's online residency.


Press Release

In 2020, Stryx began a 6-month long online residency programme called ‘Peep@Stryx,’ showcasing the diversity of artistic practices in the West Midlands.

22 artists participated between June and October.

The Culture Catwalk Creative Team smiles for the camera: Amara Ranger who is Black with long hair; Seunfunmi Tinubu who is Black and tall with a high-top hairstyle; and Jaz Morrison who is Black and has her hair tied back.

Culture Catwalk: Meet the Team

"We don’t want people to just stumble across our Culture Catwalk stage, we want people to be anticipating our stage, [...] 


"The Culture Catwalk is a massive an opportunity to shed light on Birmingham’s creative scenes and artists."

A close up of Wolveren Watchmen vinyl black and white print. An outline of a figure stands on the balcony of a flat, looking out.

Wolveren Watchmen:


"JAZ MORRISON’s ‘Wolveren Watchmen’ features the stories of four Wolverhampton-based workers and residents: NEOne the Wonderer, Mickey Angel, Leanne O’Connor & Sahjan Kooner, with the emphasis that it is the people who make a city what it is, not the institutions."

'Firmament' Poster, promoting the event for the 2021 Ikon Migrant Festival. Jaz Morrison, musician Millicent James, and the Word Life Corral collaborated with Ikon Youth Programme on the performance. 'Firmament' was performed at Minerva Works on August 19.


Ikon Youth Programme

"Jaz Morrison collaborated with IYP to respond to 'A Ship Called Jesus (Redux)' (2021) by Keith Piper. [...] Firmament explored the movement of the Black Diaspora across sea, sky and land. Through gestural movements with objects, such as flags, IYP considered the idea of ‘everyday life’ as sacred."

A still from Mati Diop's 2019 film 'Atlantics'. Several dark-skinned Black women stare in the direction of the camera; their pupils are white.

Atlantics & Blackness

"From slavery, to the Windrush Generation (and their deportations decades later), to the Brain Drain [...] and refugees trying to escape capitalism and colonialism, the sea is an ever-present figure throughout the black diaspora."


Finding Myself in Funkadelic

"One of the best ways to find yourself is to take a journey back to your origins and find out why certain things are the way they are.

"That’s when you finally begin to understand your parents’ preference of okra and bammy over McDonalds."

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