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Mothership- ARTIST | In collaboration with Word Life Centre, Millicent James, and Ikon Gallery. April. Performance.

WOLVEREN WATCHMEN - ARTIST | Featuring the stories of four Wolverhampton-based workers and residents, 'Wolveren Watchmen' emphasises that it is the people who make a city what it is, not the institutions. It is people that drive culture, creativity, and community. Commissioned for OFFSITE9, complementing the British Art Show 2022. With Asylum Art Gallery, Wolverhampton, and Creative Black Country. Video & Vinyl Wrap Installation. January - April.


slow boat symposium - ARTIST | Dedicated to IKON's slow boat. Involving the discussion of the 'Firmament' project and experiences working with IYP, as well as the launch of Firmament-based project 'In Loving Memory of Errol'. 3rd March.

CREATING JOY PROJECT - FILMMAKER With De Montfort University, the Antipode Foundation, & the Stephen Lawrence Research Centre. Team includes Millicent James, Fabio Calundungo, Vanessa Dixon, Loretta Price, and Laura Chiswa. Short Film.


A4 GROUP EXHIBITION - ARTIST | Oddball Space presents 'A4', comprising 23 artists. The artworks all explore the possibilities of art making where size is the only limitation. Displaying a group of 2D based artworks online and offline, the pieces come from a range of approaches, including collage, digital drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and drawing. Showcasing 'Lattice' (2020). Pasted on the streets of Digbeth, Birmingham. Available via 13th November 2021 - 8th January 2022.

BLACK SANDS: A HISTORY OF BLACK HORROR - ARTIST | Celebrating the contribution of Black Horror to the genre. A space to say 'we're here, we've been here, and we're going to be here forever.' Showcasing pieces from 'The Right to Opacity' (2019) and new work, alongside artist Fred Cunningham. Produced by Sampira. Includes a timeline of Black horror films from 1940 to now, and a video documentary available digitally. At Asylum Art Gallery, Wolverhampton. October - November.

UNIT* - ORGANISER | UNIT* was a three-day conference, taking place both online and offline (at Yard Art House), and exploring neurodiversity in Britain. It was a space for meaningful and honest conversations about these experiences, as well as potential solutions. With Dead Horse PR, Black Autistics, Emkayhaytch, and BRMTWN. For more information, visit 29th, 30th & 31st October.

'in loving memory of errol' - ARTIST-CURATOR | A response to Keith Piper's 'A Ship Called Jesus' (1991), Jaz Morrison's 'Firmament' (2021) and related themes. Commissioned by IKON Gallery, and supported by Freelands Foundation. Contributors include Tanazia Gabriel-Fleary, Ange Nzeyimana, Meya Lindo, Jacob Carter, Rosie Abbey, Fred Fabre & Tamir David. August - October. 

'firmament' - ARTIST | A response to Keith Piper's 'A Ship Called Jesus' (1991), and commissioned by IKON Gallery & Freelands Foundation. Performed at Centrala Birmingham with Cellist Millicent James, Word Life Corral & IYP. 19th August.

'MONUMENTS' - ARTIST | The result of a year-long practice of intuition, using old packaging materials. July/August.

'HAPPY FATHER'S DAY' - EDITOR | A promo and homage video to Black Fathers and Father Figures, from Shea Butter by Bè. June.

'BLACKBIRDS ii' - SCREENWRITER | Monologue performed by Emily Stevens. Part of Loud Voices Silent Streets (LVSS), and responding to the theme of 'illusion'. 16th April.

THE SPATIAL IMAGINATION: 'legacy' - WRITER | A two-day virtual conference. Performing 'Legacy' (2021) in response to a prompt, and an In Conversation with Auden Allen on theme of 'liberated future'. A MAIA event. 29th & 30th January.

'OUR GARGOYLES LIVE UNDERWATER' - ARTIST | Exploring themes of resistance and legacy through aesthetics surrounding water and statues. 18th January.

'FLY OR DIE' - SCRIPT EDITOR | A short, modern adaptation of the Ancient Greek story of Icarus. Directed by Fabio Calundungo. Released 14th January.


POSTCARD PROJECT - ARTIST | Artists from all over the United Kingdom responding to, or reflecting on 2020 using postcard. '2%' specifically, was inspired by Chaos Theory. November - December. (*Exhibited 14th - 15th August 2021 at The Net Gallery & Stoke Newington High Street, London.) 

AURA GALLERY - ARTIST | A featured artist on the 19th November. Interviewed about how womanhood informs art, and had works amplified. Available via Instagram. November.

UNHEARD - ARTIST | 'To Heaven III' (2020) in virtual exhibition 'Unheard' - a celebration of overlooked Black and Jewish artists. A UK Isn't Innocent (UKII) and Jewish Liberal collaboration. November.

'PROJECT GRIME' - ORGANISER | A 3-week clean-up project in the Newtown (North Birmingham) area. Supported by Word Life Centre, and funded by Beatfreeks (#FUELFunding) and Simple Intelligent Parking. October - November.

TBB SPOTLIGHT- PHOTOGRAPHER | Featured on The Black Book (UK) campaign to raise awareness for 'new talent'. October.

'ALONE TIME' - SCREENWRITER | 'This piece is a love letter to the ex-gifted and talented kids, who are now trying to come to terms with who they are as adults, with the added burden of lockdown.' Performed by Scarlett Malone, and in association with SLAMinutes. August.

'ARTISTS RESPONDING TO' LAUNCH ISSUE - ARTIST | 'To Heaven III' from 'CEILINGS' (2020) featured in the first issue of 'ArtistsRespondingTo...'. August. An online version is available via

'EMANCIPATION, I GUESS' - ARTIST | A collection of images, addressing the Fourth Estate's (journalism, the press) role in Othering the marginalised and disenfranchised. Photographs 'Wallpaper' and 'Wallflower' act as a call for community organisation. September.

SUPPORT BLACK CREATIVES - PHOTOGRAPHER | 'Existentialism' (2018) featured in The Black Book's online marketing campaign. July - Aug.

PEEP@STRYX - ARTIST | A six-day online artist residency with Stryx Gallery. Sharing my research, art, and hosting discussions on community via Instagram Live, and producing art collection 'Magsman' (2020). 29th June - 3rd July.

'KEEP KEEPING' FUND - ARTIST | A recipient of MAIA's artists' bursary. Designed to support the self-directed development of Midlands-based artists, musicians, creative producers, curators, and designers. May - July.

'ONE/SIX/TWENTY' - SONGWRITER | A musical response to how COVID-19 and police brutality has been weaponised against the disenfranchised and marginalised. 1st June & performed 1st July at Peep@Stryx.

MA INTER-INSTITUTIONAL SYMPOSIUM - SPEAKER | Shared research on the 1981 Handsworth Riots and Black Midlands-based Art. A day-long event that acted as a forum to share research and artwork. Led by University of Leeds, with Birmingham City University, Anglia Ruskin University, and Nottingham Trent University. May 2020.

'CEILINGS' - ARTIST | A collection of four images, acting as frames that depict the act of resistance. Also includes an art catalogue for context and reflection. April - June 2020.


REFLECTING ON 'ATLANTICS' - WRITER | An article addressing the use of water and the supernatural in Mati Diop's 'Atlantics' (2019). Written for Black Ballad. December.

'THE RIGHT TO OPACITY' - ARTIST | A collection of seven images, all in response to Foucault's 'Heterotopia' as a 'safe space' for the deviants who exist there. December.

'TALLAWAH' - ARTIST | A collection of experimental images, all individual responses to various events and themes of identity. January - May.


'magsman' - SCREENWRITER | Short film. A police officer interrogates two dubious storytellers. Directed by Elvinah Xhignesse. A BRMTWN collaboration. September.

'LIKKLE' - ARTIST | Photography. A collection of six portraits, all individual responses to various events and themes of identity. May - August.

BRMWTN - FOUNDER | A platform and space for creativity, storytelling, and community-building. Projects include 'Magsman' (2018)​, 'Transatlantic Dialogues' (2019), and 'Mono-Log Sessions' (2018 - 2020). Core team include Fabio Jorge, Loretta Price & Tanazia Gabriel-Fleary. Special mention to Chadwick Jackson, Chloe Deakin, Elvinah Xhignesse, Hassan Ul-Haq, Pat Gutzmore, & Beatrice Lamunu. February.

2015 - 2017

CULTURE CATWALK - EVENT PRODUCER | A two-day event featuring talent from the West Midlands. Part of Birmingham Weekender, with Culture Central. September 2017.

STAND UP TO RACISM - PHOTOGRAPHER | Environmental Portraits. Anti-racism and anti-xenophobia protest in Birmingham (UK) City Centre. Organised by Stand Up to Racism. Protesting against former President Trump's #MuslimBan, and former Prime Minister May's support of it. Summer 2017. 

#TURNUP - CAMPAIGN ASSISTANT | Social media campaign with Bite the Ballot, designed to encourage young people to #TurnUp and vote in the General Election. Summer 2017.

ROUTES 2 ROOTS - CREATIVE DIRECTOR | 18 month youth-engagement campaign with Heritage Lottery Fund. Designed to encourage young people to engage with heritage and apply for the newly-established 'Young Roots' Grant, and includes Tour Bus event 'Routes 2 Roots: On The Road'. 2015 - 2016.

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