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Here's to MONUMENTS.

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

I can't believe how arduous it is to maintain a blog. Well, it's more so than what I expected. I think if I manage to post maybe once a month... it could work. We'll see.


Additionally, I'm pleased to say that I've managed to maintain a 'practice of intuition' since last year. I've been slowly working on something using found materials around my house (think old packaging, cardboard containers, etc.) to create something.

After 2020 kept me from many traditional arts spaces, it made me think about how sustainable an arts career would be, and whether it was worth pursuing. I'm not 100% please with what I produced, as certain materials weren't compatible with the paints and 'paint substitutes' (think marker pens and tippex) I used. Lol.

But to be honest, when I completed it, there was an element of catharsis there. By this, I mean that I was able to respond to themes of environmental decline, waste, capitalism, and death. I wasn't expecting to link the climate crisis to human trafficking and the exploitation of human labour, but that's kinda what happened.

Stretching out from deep within the blood-stained "landfill" (or what whiteness would consider to be 'waste') is a Black hand. It essentially comments on how capitalism sees everything and everyone as expendable, and how a mindset like this also creates justifications for the trafficking of human labour. Capitalism is about profit by any means necessary, and its origins are literally rooted in empire and slavery. It's all connected.

Once I've finished editing the time-lapse for this 'practice of intuition', I'll add it to this post. My current working title for it is MONUMENTS, so here's to that:

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