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Draft 2: TRTO

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Alright, I shot, edited and framed my second draft!

I very much prefer the size - I was gonna initially have a whole bunch of 100 x 150 mm photographs all over the wall, but since scheduling issues aren't quelling, it doesn't make sense anymore. I'm literally running out of time.

I brought back my little brother Josh, as well as my three other siblings to do draft shoots. They responded well to instruction, so it didn't take too long to shoot. Unfortunately - because I'm not used to filming myself - I didn't think to document the process until I started framing everything.

For this draft, I removed any glaring blemishes, [hopefully] any product placement, desaturated the portraits, and removed the eyes.

I feel better seeing the concept like this. Once they were printed, I put a gold ring over the eyes using ink, paint, glitter, and even cut the eyes out physically on one of them.

I feel like I now know what I'm doing for my final draft. I'm gonna go with the ink because I have better control over how it meets the page. Literally being in the studio has meant I'm being covered in other people's paint all the time - I didn't realise I was so clumsy, but I can't risk attempting to paint my final photographs for that reason.

Before I took the portraits, I had a conversation with my siblings about what I was exploring, and they were interested to hear about notions of safe spaces. One of my siblings remarked rather jokily that their safe space is 'Roblox', and the conversation developed from there. Because of this conversation, I decided that I wanted everyone to be able to name their own portrait after their "safe space", whatever it may be.

They didn't have to explain to me what it meant, or why it was their safe space, because that wouldn't be the point. They were allowed secrecy within their safe space. But it also made me start thinking about what I would deem my safe space.

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