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Tesha Murrain-Hernandez | Trixiebella Suen | Yusuf Dongo | Neoliberalizard
Curated by Jaz Morrison
an Afrospeculative ‘firmament’ situated between time and space.
a crossroads between the seen past and unseen future.
a pocket universe where Otherness learns to become morphological.

Identity is an ongoing topic in Black British discourse, with themes of displacement and belonging fuelling concerns around self-actualisation.

Tangible routes to identification can be hindered due to ideals of the ‘individual’ and fractures in cultural and local communities. If personhood is more a relational process than an inherent quality, then obscured connections to the past could leave people unequipped and unsupported to tackle the present.

This isn’t new, or specific to Black Brits. The state of being ‘other’ is palpable in displacement and is compounded by other factors like queerphobia, Islamophobia, classism, and notably ableism, where lacking access harms community inclusion. For many Black disabled people, the margins of society are a liminal space or heterotopia for them to be discarded into and forgotten.

Black Britain is a growing culture within the Black African Diaspora. But formative milestones are often usurped by bigotry and capitalism. These Afro-Diasporic musings have highlighted a need to create and hijack ‘liminal spaces’ within the public sphere for social practice. Otherness has morphological potential when freed from the policing societal gaze.


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