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emancipation, I guess is a collection of works employing the use of newspaper and/or making reference to the hegemony of 'The Fourth Estate' as well as Sara Ahmed's writing on 'Sticky Objects'. Part of this work was completed during Jaz Morrison's Fine Art MA, and others were completed during her residency with Stryx Gallery, Peep@Stryx.

What is it to be Black and British? What is the Commonwealth?

What is it to chain oneself to the empire the ancestors fought to escape?

Emancipation, I guess.

Photography, Paper Collage.

Special thanks to MAIA's Keep Keeping Fund 2020.

If I wrap an object (something/someone that has its own purpose and meanings) in newspaper (a literal manifestation of public discourse), I can inhibit that object from being able to exist effectively. A cup covered in newspaper cannot be used to hold water. A book covered in newspaper can no longer provide content. A container covered in newspaper cannot be opened.

'Magsman' was produced during 'Peep@Stryx', Jaz's online residency with Stryx Gallery, Birmingham (29th June - 3rd July 2020).


A musical response to the government’s inept handling of Police Brutality and the Coronavirus Pandemic in the UK. In the gospel genre as a point of heritage.​

First performed during PEEP@STRYX residency, 2020, with Patricia Morrison (Word Life Corral).

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