NIGGAS WITH MBEs/ALPHABET PEOPLE (2020) A satirical reaction to Black 'progressives', 'activists', and 'revolutionaries' accepting imperial awards from the Queen. Morrison reappropriates the derogatory term for the LGBTQ+ Community, 'Alphabet People' (popularised by Dave Chappelle in his 2019 Netflix Special 'Sticks & Stones'), positing that no cluster of letters is worthy of ridicule more than MBE's, OBE's, and CBE's, or what Jaz calls 'glorified Blue Peter Badges'.

COSMIC ASSISTANCE (2020) A 'sequel' to 'Thoughts & Prayers' (2020), and inspired by Da Vinci's 'The Creation of Adam'. Here, Morrison grapples with her faith and divine communication. 'If God is who I think God is, then it explains so much. And if God is the complete opposite of who I think God is, then it explains so much.'

2% [TWO-PERCENT] (2020) A reflection on how this year has upended so much of what society has deemed normal. Inspired by Chaos Theory, the static, glitch-like effect has connotations of disruption and brokenness, but the 'fractals' show that there is always a 'method to the madness'. What the 98% often fail to comprehend, the 2% have always intimately known.

SEEDTIME x HARVEST (2020) | A commentary on cycles. History continues to repeat itself, and within histories are movements, uprisings, and revolutions. Such movements are often a response to acts of injustice and oppression - where many are harmed and sacrificed in the hopes of a greater good. The dead are buried, and, like seeds, their legacy rises up in their name(s). Seedtime and Harvest. And the cycle repeats again.

NUCLEUS (2020) Inspired by the religious adage that 'every tear is a prayer to God', 'Nucleus' explores emotion as a site of respite and catharsis.

THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS (2020) A satirical take on a now-common response to tragedy. Inspired by theological concepts of the supernatural, it pokes fun at those who engage in Slacktivism, highlighting that words must be accompanied by action. Intent is not enough.