one/six/twenty (2020)

A musical response to the government’s inept handling of Police Brutality and the Coronavirus Pandemic in the UK. In the gospel genre as a point of heritage.​

Sat cross-legged on the floor.

Cos emotions beat her mind to the door.

The rich can help the poor, 

But injustice is one with the law.


Can you trust it, Can you trust it,

When it's broken and busted?

Injustice is a part of the law.


I want to scream and shout sometimes.

Cos sometimes, when you're in doubt, you cry.

You cry about the stress and pain. 

The pain that leaves a mark - a stain.


But love is a gift; it's able.

Love is a virtue; it's beautiful.

Something we need to let go,

Of all of the strain, and take it step by step


But, can you trust it, can you trust it at all?

When injustice is a part of the law.