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IN LOVING MEMORY OF ERROL is a zine, stylised as a funeral pamphlet, to celebrate the lives of those on the Ship Called Jesus (Piper, 1991). Errol is a name associated with Antillean* men, and It means ‘nobleman’, ‘warrior’, or ‘prince’. 

‘Errol’ represents the journey of Black peoples across water over time, both in the literal and figurative sense. We believe depth is given through dual recognition of the highs and lows around Blackness and Christianity.

This zine was created in response to Keith Piper's 'A Ship Called Jesus' (1991), and Jaz Morrison's 'Firmament' (2021). This zine was commissioned by Ikon Gallery, funded by the Freelands Foundation, and curated by Jaz Morrison between August and October 2021.

This Zine was premiered at IKON's Slow Boat Symposium on the 3rd March 2022.

*note – in this context, Antillean is in reference to all Islands in the West Indies. West Indies is both a colonial and geographically inaccurate term.


ANGE NZEYIMANA Born in Burundi, East Africa, Ange is a poet, spoken word artist, and author. Nzeyimana is a devout Christian, and student mental health nurse 'by day'. With writing at the forefront of her aspirations, Nzeyimana's debut anthology 'Echoes of My Heart' is available now.



FRED FABRE |  Iconic symbol, tales, and narratives are happily intertwined throughout the various styles of Fred Fabre's rendering of life. The paintings are a continual interrogation of colour and form as a means to explore the essence and energy of various concepts Fabre is interested in.

MEYA LINDO |  Meya is a Birmingham-based poet and teaching assistant, studying criminology and psychology at Coventry University. Lindo uses her gifts to witness and express her love for God. When she is on social media, she can be found on Instagram at @MeyaLindo.

TAMIR DAVID |  Tamir describes his work as 'the inner workings of distress'. David draws from personal experiences of environment and displacement, working from a range of visual references to create a 'hybrid of mental and physical realms coinciding'. David uses acids, solvents, asphalt, ink, pencil, and gouache on paper or wood, aiming to fuse the 'media with the material' through trial and error.

IRINA NOVIKOVAIrina is an artist and illustrator, primarily using watercolour, ink, gouache, and acrylic. Novikova enjoys experimentation and mixing materials, and gravitates to environmental topics and symbolism.

MIKE BROWNMike runs Free Roots, a St. Louis, MO-based offline/online platform for Black cultural curation, history, aesthetics, and advocacy.

IKON YOUTH PROGRAMME |  Ikon Youth Programme (IYP) is a group of young people (16 - 21) who share an interest in contemporary art, and meet to engage with artists and exhibitions. Run by Rosie Abbey. Contributions were made by IYP artists, notably Rosie Abbey, Jacob Carter, and Kristal Fu.

WORD LIFE CENTRE |  Word Life is a charity and church based in Newtown, Birmingham. Contributions were made by Word Life members, including the Word Life Corral (Patricia Morrison, Prisca Bako & Monica Gutzmore).

BRMTWNA West Midlands-based platform and online/offline space for creativity, storytelling and community building.


IKON GALLERYA contemporary art gallery and educational charity based in Birmingham, UK. Also home to Ikon Youth Programme (IYP).

FREELANDS FOUNDATIONA charitable foundation that supports artists, art education and cultural institutions across the UK.

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